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The META 360 concept was developed out of the need to exercise anywhere time allows. As a busy attorney, father and husband I found myself missing more and more workouts and every day I felt less and less comfortable with my appearance and most importantly my health. My wake up call came when I was informed that my best friend passed away at age 39 from health complications that could have been avoided or at the very least controlled with exercise. That day I promised myself and my family that I would begin a workout regimen and if I could not make it to a gym I would carry the gym with me. That's the day META 360 was born.

META 360 is a product of META 360 LLC. We are an innovative fitness minded company bringing quality, safe and fun products to the fitness industry. We are based in Coral Gables, Florida and lead by an exceptional group of business and fitness professionals.
 META 360 Fitness was created and founded by Mr. Prince a 16 yr veteran of the legal profession as a transnational attorney and fitness enthusiast.