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Abdominals and Meta 360

We all love to see a nice six pack, in some cases an eight pack. Not only are abdominal muscles a sign of good physical conditioning it tells a story of hard work, dedication and discipline. Realizing a six pack of abs is a very trying endeavor but achievable if one understands the science of physiology. While physiology is not the only aspect that contributes to a six pack it is a major contributor and without proper manipulation of exercise we will fall short.
We first need to understand that to acquire a six pack of abs you DO NOT have to spend hours doing crunches and sit ups. Honestly speaking if you are spending hours doing crunches and sit ups you are more than likely doing them wrong because if you were doing then correctly you would not be able to do more than a reasonable amount. The abdominals are made up of lower and upper (rectus abdominis), transverse abdominis, and internal/ external obliques. How many people train all these muscles? Not many, most just crunch away and wonder why results elude them.
Abdominal training does not have to be a mystery. By understanding that all these muscles pay a role in the development of a six pack you will be able to one day create yours.  Our Meta 360 device is perfect for the attainment of a six pack because it can be used in ways that target all these areas. The trick is doing the exercises properly, in the right order with the right form. When training your abs you should always start with the weakest ab area first which is usually the lower abs.  More times than not they get the least attention. An exercise like the Meta Mountain Climbers will engage your lower abs. Once you have exhausted this area you move on to the next area which are your obliques (transverse abdominis gets worked as well) by modifying the Meta Mountain Climber and bringing your legs out to the side as you slide the device up.

Now you are engaging more directly the oblique muscles which are the side abs that allow us to rotate our upper body.  Lastly, you can take Meta 360 one or both and perform the Meta Roll Out which will target all areas of the abdominal complex including the mid to upper areas which are what let us flex and extend our spine properly.  These 3 Meta Moves will play a dramatic role in exposing the six pack you have hiding underneath because our product focuses on engagement and stabilization through its design using 4 wheels to force the user to learn to self – stabilize. This design allows you to get more out of your workout and force inactive muscles to participate in the exercise.