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Meta 360 can be used on most flat, smooth surfaces including rubberized gym floors, non-plush carpet and hardwood floors (not intended for outdoor surfaces, i.e., asphalt).  We recommend beginners and users that have balance or stability issues, use Meta 360 with a support device such as a chair or wall when performing exercises that require user stability.  Users are recommended to use the knee pads when performing movements that require users to place weight directly or indirectly on users’ knees.  This equipment may damage certain surfaces, so use your best judgement and test Meta 360 on surfaces prior to use.


We give you a 45-day limited warranty. This warranty becomes effective on the date of delivery. This warranty is intended for the sole benefit of the original customer/purchaser and is not transferable. Meta 360 fitness is not liable for any damage or defects due, in its judgement, to freight damage, abuse, improper or abnormal use, lack of proper maintenance, accident, or consumer removal or adjustment of parts. Original paper work is required for all returns. Returns must be received by manufacturer prior to expiration of the 45-day limited warranty. Return shipping is the responsibility of the consumer/purchaser to the manufacturer. Users who weigh more than 250 pounds should not use this equipment. If you have any questions or comments concerning the product, please contact customer support at