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At Meta 360 Fitness, we want you to get your best workout possible with safety in mind and unlock the full array of exercise benefits delivered by Meta 360. That is why we strongly recommend that you review the safety and warranty information prior to using Meta 360.


Failure to thoroughly review and follow the safety instructions stated in this workout guide may result in serious injury or death. Users who are not experienced athletes with sufficient core, chest and arm strength should take additional precautions when performing exercises with Meta 360. Inexperienced athletes should use extra precaution (refer to beginners specific exercised outlined in the user guide) and consult a fitness specialist as well as their physician. Meta 360 is not intended for use by children and should only be used as described in this user guide. The consumer/purchaser assumes all risk and liability resulting from the use of this product. Meta 360 Fitness is not liable for damages resulting from use of the equipment in any other manner than the usage outlined in this user guide. Individual results may vary. Do not use while pregnant. Consult your physician prior to using Meta 360 to ensure that you are healthy enough to use Meta 360.